Brand Knew is a promotional product and branded clothing business that is proudly Australian owned and operated.  Located on the NSW Central Coast, just an hour north of Sydney, Brand Knew was founded in 2004 by James Hughes.

James started the business with little more than enthusiasm and sheer will to fulfil the needs of his clients.  He saw a gap in the promotional products industry for businesses that required extra assistance in hand-picking branded merchandise that works for their specific needs.

When asked about his passion for his business, James recalls his first encounter with a promotional product was receiving a Camel cigarettes branded t-shirt for Christmas at the tender age of 9 years old. Of course this was considered quite normal for kids growing up in the 1970’s. Some of the more memorable promotional products from James’ youth also include:        

  • Fanta and Coca-Cola yo-yos from the 70’s & 80’s
  • J&B Scotch Whiskey golf putter (the head of the putter was in the shape of the whiskey bottle)
  • Branded matchbooks collected from bars and clubs throughout Melbourne
  • Sir James bathrobe (which I still have after 20 years!)
  • My grandfather’s assortment of branded whiskey glassware dating back to the 60’s
  • Promotional ashtrays (used for keeping loose coins in, of course)

Out of this eclectic collection of branded merchandise grew one of Brand Knew’s key business philosophies: If the right type of decoration is put on the right product, promotional products can live on way beyond the expected life-span of other forms of advertising and promotion.

Since 2004, James has shaped Brand Knew’s products and services to respond to his Client’s ever-changing needs. He embraces every job, large or small as if it were for his own business, and always with an emphasis on service with personality.
Brand Knew has evolved into a successful creative promotional products company providing brand and graphic solutions for numerous businesses locally, throughout Australia and New Zealand.



  Director of Brand Knew:
James is the vision and creative passion behind Brand Knew.  His determination, enthusiasm and business mind has transformed Brand Knew into a well respected, trusted and creative promotional products company.   With a sales background predominantly in the wine industry, and extensive management experience in hospitality, James is fascinated with the science of human communication and how to use it effectively and where ever possible with a hint of humour!!

Contact: james@brandknew.com.au
Company Mascot:                  
Krackers is Brand Knew’s Great Eye Deer (Great Idea!). Send your cracker ideas or feedback to Krackers.


Business Manager:
Julie’s strong management background is a perfect accompaniment to James’ extensive industry knowledge. While James channels his energy into sales and innovation, Julie keeps the business foundations solid. 

Contact: julie@brandknew.com.au



Graphic Designer & Awesome All-rounder:
Celine started her career in graphics working for Walt Disney (is there truly a better place to start than this!?). Their philosophy was “be productive, be creative, and have an eye for detail”, thus instilling in Celine a strong independent work ethic and a commitment to excellence. Although new to Brand Knew in 2013, Celine very swiftly cemented her place in our team.

Contact: celine@brandknew.com.au

Marketing and Website Assistant:
Simply put, Emma translates our marketing ideas into reality. Sometimes these ideas are ‘vague’ at best, but Emma has a talent for interpretation and implementation. We would be lost without her special skills.

Contact: 1300 132 701



Click here to view some of the brands we have worked with.  Here are a few of our clients and what they had to say about us:-

Australian Catholic University
"The 2013 ACU Games were a complete success, and it is with your help that this was made possible.  In such a short time frame, your co-operation and willingness to assist is very much appreciated and contributed to making the games a truly memorable event."

Wizard of Ads Marketing Consultants
“Just this morning I contacted a promotional product business that I had used multiple times in a job back in 2009… I contact James from Brand Knew because James always went out of his way to help me out, would always remember things about me and generally made me feel like a special customer. I haven’t had a use for him since leaving that job in 2010, but here I am 3 years later wanting to buy from James because I just like him.”
(to read it all visit Sarah Ripley’s blog with “real life stories from real life businesses”

Jason van Genderen – Creative Director at Treehouse Creative
“In 16 years of advertising, I’ve encountered a lot of promotional goods suppliers. Brand Knew stands out as the pinnacle. No matter what the brief, or what our budget, James always goes beyond the call to deliver a solution that exceeds our expectations. Now we don’t use anyone else.”

Navico Australia
“Brand Knew has impressed me immensely with their professionalism, perfection at delivering within restricted timelines and budgetary constraints, and their pro-active approach to providing us with products that will suit our markets.”

Caritas Australia
James has consistently ensured he’s met our promotional needs and offered a flexible, helpful approach. We’ve been happy with both pricing and quality – and that he’s managed to meet a number of tight deadlines!”

So now that you’ve read about us, call us and let us tell you what we can do for you and your clients!  Email us or phone 1300 132 701.


Get your name out there with Brand Knew on your team. The best branded promotional products in Sydney
Brand Knew provides a huge range of custom printed promotional products throughout Australia. If you have a have a question about branded merchandise, or corporate promotional products, or customised marketing please contact us on 1300 132 701 or have a look at FAQs of Krackers.  Ask the straight shooting Krackers - he’s got all the answers for your promo needs!


Dear Krackers,
We need some promo t-shirts for a product launch in a month. What do you suggest? - Tim T.
Hi Tim,
You've come to the right place! Custom t-shirts are a HUGE seller and Brand Knew pops them out a rapid rate. There are more than 20 colours to choose from across a variety of t-shirt styles, and Brand Knew can also have them custom screenprinted with your logo or message. - Krackers

Dear Krackers,
We're in Sydney and we've just had our colour logo re-designed. We would like some some spiffy new embroidered t-shirts and polos to add our new logo to. Any thoughts? - Angus.B
Hi Angus,
Yes, my good friends at Brand Knew are foaming at the bit to assist and we deliver anywhere in Australia. With 100s of different uniform styles and colours available, they can embroider, screen print, or even transfer your logo onto any garment (caps, shirts, hoodies, pants, aprons, bucket hats, vests or jackets). They'll have you  looking sharp in no time. - Krackers

Hey Krackers,
We are opening a new store in Brisbane and would like to purchase some branded promotional products (eg. printed pens, printed drink bottles, printed shopping bags, promotional lanyards, custom caps, printed balloons, yo-yos etc) with our logo to give away...any ideas? - Stu.F
Hi Stu,
It just so happens that those cool cats at Brand Knew can do anything from custom balloons, bags, and caps, to yo-yos, hand clappers, and even piggy-banks - and delivery to Brisbane is a cinch! They have a full A-Z list of branded promotional products for all your marketing needs. Shoot them an email and they can whip up a proposal with some visual mocks so you can see what your logo would look like on the suggested items. - Krackers

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